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By | August 24, 2016

Sapna Bhavnani  is celebrity hairstylist . She was  born on (5 January 1971) in Mumbai India. Sapna bhavanai  had completed her high school from Bandra, Mumbai. At the school time, she was a brilliant student in her school and she went to school by motorcycle, often she used to prank and naughty , she took chloroform on her father to make him fall asleep then she was sneak out late with school’s boys. She was very close with his father, and she was just 18 when her father died. Sapna Bhavnani said, “ I may look like a freak, but deep inside, I’m just daddy’s girls”.

After her father’s death Sapna bhavnani family faced problems of financial condition so Sapna Bhavnani drops out her college and moved to Chicago in 1989 with her Indian – American aunt help, still continue her study as a student of the business school and she did some odd job like waitressing at  an Italian restaurant. She was graduated with double major in Marketing and Communication and a minor in public speaking  from Chicago’s Barart College.

Sapna Bhavnani

After graduation she made her interest in hairdressing and took up this profession and the owner of Mad-o-Wat  Salon, she change her profession she has been a writer,featured in video album , and own business but in before this she works as a hairstylist with all celebrities in ad work like (Katrina kaif, MS Dhoni, John Abhram and More Celebrities. Sapna told in an interview with Tehelka Magazine that she decided that by the time she hit 30, and she wanted to have a house in the hills, a Cadillac , an Elvis looks a like boyfriend “sapna was living the American Dream in Los Angeles California and get managed .

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She is known for her bold  brash nature haywire sense of style, with her body tattoos , her cropped hair inspired by goth and punk –rock styles. she also respects “ holy cows” of any kind and speaks what she wanted no matter what other think.  Sapna bhavnani was married  3 times,and she had failed marriages  but now she is currently single.

Nirbhay play

Sapna bhavnani was seen in a play titled NIRBHAYA, in the largest arts festival in the world in August 2013. She won the coveted Amnesty International Freedom of Expression Award given to an outstanding production which raises the consciousness of human rights.This act based on real life and male-female violence: On the night December 16th 2012 young women and his male friend  in bus drift for home and what followed, changed the lives of this two pepole and  for other

Sapna bhavnani said “ Salman Khan dance Like a monkey in his stupid movies and misuses pepoles”

Sapna bhavnani  is in news today some comment , In interview is about Sapna’s Upcoming book Chapter one, this book published by Harper Collins. In the craze over her salman comments, however, seems to have been missed.  Sapna bhavnani was specifically asked if she wrote about Salman Khan with while she was a contestant in Big Boss in the reality TV  show  he host, Chapter one To this, She said- “This man really misses people and I don’t have to give him important.” Sapna tweet on her twitter  “ my book has nothing to do w/ salman and he shouldn’t even be mentioned in the same article. So sad that press has come down to cheap titles! ” and also called  Salman Khan dances like a monkey and “man  chauvinistic f-king pig as  a hosting his f- king show by him, that Big Boss  in a Nutshell.

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